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  • Work together to build a green Huibo
    Work together to build a green Huibo


        In March, the grass long warbler flying, is a beautiful season. We ushered in the greenest festival-Arbor Day.
        With trees, there will be harmonious and beautiful homes, with trees, there will be refreshing and fresh air, with trees, there will only be houses, and spring will come, when we are planting hope, on the day of the Arbor The family members of Huibo walked into the central garden of the factory, took care of the flowers and trees in the central garden of the factory, and worked together to build a green Huibo.
        In March of spring, when the breeze was blowing, everyone rolled up their sleeves, picked up tools, and weeded, loosened the soil, and cleaned the fallen debris.

        Planting a tree, spreading a piece of green, we are planting green, hope, spring, and vitality. What we saw from the tree planting festival is the truth of "10 years of trees, 100 years of trees"!
       "A little hard work, a little gain", let us beautify our homes together, put happiness into the heart, happiness into the heart, happiness into life, good luck into life, health into the body, and safety Into life. Let us work together to make Huibo young forever!
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