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  • Huibo Medical Fun Games presents the motherland and celebrates the 70th birthday of the motherland
    Huibo Medical Fun Games presents the motherland and celebrates the 70th birthday of the motherland


        In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, active cadre and staff life style, strengthen cohesion and centripetal force, and create a positive, united and harmonious working and living atmosphere, Huibo Medical Corps Branch organized the 2019 "National Day" Fun Games, nearly 300 members of Huibo Medical and young employees actively participated in the celebration of the mother's birthday!
    Huibo Medical held the "Welcome National Day" Fun Games
         This game has a total of 7 events including tug-of-war, table tennis relay, one, two, three wooden men, angry balloons, five people and six feet, a concerted effort to blow balloons, and a heart-to-heart relationship. Not only is it fun, but it also tests the physical strength of the athletes and the tacit understanding of the team.

    Tug-of-war is a contest between teams, each contestant tries their best
        There were laughter from time to time on the scene of the match, and the male and female contestants cooperated and moved forward; the cheering team members were all energetic for the contestants; everyone's faces were full of smiles, the scene was lively and extraordinary, cheers, shouts, and cheers The sounds were one after another.
    One, two, three woodmen, not only have to run fast, but also have to be able to withstand
        The green team, who won the first place in the "Five-Man Six-Foot", said excitedly: "It looks easy, but it's really difficult. It not only tests the physical strength of each player, but also the teamwork. Shouting a slogan and using all my strength to run forward desperately, although very tired, I think that everyone is working hard for a goal and feel full of strength! "
    Work together to make great strides
        In the most sincere blessings to the motherland, this fun sports meeting full of fun and enhancing team cohesion came to an end. The company leaders awarded the award-winning team awards, praised everyone for their "healthy life, happy work" work status, encouraged everyone Physical fitness, full of enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and vigorous spirit are devoted to the next work and life.
        As the first party and group activity organized since the establishment of the Huibo Medical Corps branch, this fun sports meeting has been exercised and relaxed in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with intense stimulation. Through this activity, the majority of employees of Huibo Medical have strengthened their physique and enhanced their mutual feelings. It not only promotes the exchange and learning between the employees of the unit, but also comprehensively improves the quality of the workforce and stimulates the vitality and passion of young people.
        The head of Huibo Medical Corps Branch said: In the future, Huibo Medical Corps Branch will continue to innovate ways and carry out various forms of activities to promote the comprehensive development of employees, enhance employees' sense of happiness and gain, build a high-quality youth team, and promote the company High-quality development contributes to the prosperity of the motherland.

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