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    企业简介/Company profile

          Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 838460) was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan, covering an area of 65 acres. Based on large medical services and serving great health, it is based on medical dressing and rehabilitation intelligent equipment. Medical food, health textiles and other industries are linked together, and it has a group enterprise of 4 production-type subsidiaries and 1 medical product online and offline personalized customized health management service platform.
          The company has 291 employees, 50% of which are undergraduate or above (including 30 graduate students). The average age of the company is 32. It is a young, energetic and knowledgeable team. ...


    最新资讯/Latest News

  • Huibo Medical Brand Strategic Planning Seminar was successfully held


    Under the guidance of the company's unified strategic planning, in order to further enhance the influence of Huibo Medical products and brands, on March 14th, Huibo Medical and Shanghai Heyi held a Huibo Medical Brand Strategic Planning Workshop on the 6th floor of Huibo Medical . Mr. Zhu Tiangang, …

  • Series of advanced figures in the fight against the epidemic (5) -- at present, we choose to stick to it to the end


    When it comes to the Spring Festival, we often think of it as follows: colorful lanterns, visiting relatives and friends, bustling and bustling. This year's Spring Festival is different from the past. The cold and clear street is particularly empty, even the red lanterns on the street are a little …

  • The series of advanced figures in fighting against the epidemic (4): 27 hours in every second


    At the beginning of 2020, when we are joyously welcoming the new year and preparing for family reunion, a plague is sweeping from Wuhan to Shenzhou. As a regional key enterprise producing medical protective equipment, Huibo medical is acutely aware of the possibility of epidemic development. On Ja…

  • Fighting the epidemic advanced character series (three) -- baby, after the epidemic, mother must accompany you


    For a mother, the child is always the deepest concern.At present, mothers want to keep an eye on their children all the time, for fear that the little, young baby was a little bit hurt.But there are a group of mothers who, in this smokeless war, risk their lives to stay on the front lines of the…

  • Fighting the Epidemic Advanced Characters Series (II) —— Struggle on the Road · Let's Go Hand in Hand


    After the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection in Wuhan, as a regional key enterprise producing medical protective equipment, Huibo Medical is deeply concerned about Wuhan and pays close attention to the epidemic

  • Advanced Character Series to Fight the Epidemic (1)-Extraordinary New Year


    Editor's note: 2020 is the New Year's Eve, but the haze of new coronavirus pneumonia has shrouded Wuhan, developing to the country, facing the severe situation of the spread of the epidemic, villages, communities, cities, hospitals, etc. are all in .

  • 团队风采/Team Style