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  • Henan: Party building in the whole region leads the "two new" organizations to courageously assume

    Source: Time:2020-09-03 17:24:16 frequency:

    In 2019, under the leadership of party building, Henan Huibo Medical’s annual target was overfulfilled, its strategic plan was once again improved, and it successfully entered the fast lane of rapid development.
            In 2019, under the leadership of party building, Henan Huibo Medical’s annual target was overfulfilled, its strategic plan was once again improved, and it successfully entered the fast lane of rapid development. Huibo Medical achieved operating income of 90.73 million yuan and paid 15.98 million yuan. The company established a Youth League branch and launched a group management and control project and a talent inventory project. Through these organizations and projects, Huibo Medical's cohesion and management capabilities have been further improved.
            Today, one year later, in order to help respond to the epidemic, Huibo Medical has added a new protective material production line in 2020. At the critical moment of the people’s life safety, Huibo Medical has stepped forward and not only donated a large number of anti-epidemic materials to the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, but also purchased equipment to produce "safe masks", built a new production base for anti-epidemic materials, and fully supported the fight against the epidemic at home and abroad. Work is recognized by all sectors of society.
            It only took less than a month for the Huibo medical and anti-epidemic material production base to be upgraded and partially put into production. During this period, the party members stayed on the front line of the project to ensure that the project was put into operation smoothly. The daily production capacity of masks in just one month From 200,000 to 5 million, the daily production capacity of disinfectant is from 50,000 to 500,000. The example of Huibo medical project construction perfectly interprets "to promote high-quality economic development with high-quality party building".
            On August 22, the leader of the Organization Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Liu Feng (middle in the front row) and his party went to Huibo Medical to investigate the "two new" organization party building work.
    The production workshop of epidemic prevention materials that has been put into production
    High-quality party building promotes high-quality development of enterprises
            During the epidemic, Huibo Medical invested in the establishment of Henan Xianfang Medical Protective Products Co., Ltd. to create an "aircraft carrier" for the production and distribution of epidemic prevention materials in southwestern Henan. During the epidemic, 200 mask production lines were invested and launched, and 20 disinfection product production lines were built. In the next step, investment will also be made to build production lines for isolation clothing, protective clothing, and goggles.
            When people walked into the Huibo medical and epidemic prevention material production base, the first thing that came into view was the party-building theme park. In the production workshops and corridors, you can see party building propaganda slogans everywhere.
            In the construction of the epidemic prevention material production base, in order to support the project to be completed and put into operation as soon as possible, the Sheqi County Party Committee innovative ideas, according to the requirements of the global party building work, creatively put forward the call to "build the branch in the front line of the project", and specially established the Huibo Medical Project Joint Party Branch . The county leader of the subcontracted project serves as the secretary of the joint party branch and concurrently as the chief service officer. The main persons in charge of relevant departments such as the industrial agglomeration area and the finance bureau are members of the branch. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Three Ones", while preventing and controlling the epidemic, Concentrate elite forces to help companies solve problems such as material supply, vehicle traffic, employee health certificate processing, and approval of procedures for resumption of work and production. The project only took more than a month from the establishment of the project to the partial production, and the vigorous party building work is a strong guarantee for achieving this "social flag speed".
            Huibo Medical has always adhered to the principle of high-quality party building to promote the high-quality development of the company. The company has 60 party members and 11 party activists. At present, more than 70% of the company's management personnel are party members. According to the company's business development, the party branch of Huibo Medical has achieved "where the business develops, the party group will be built", which has achieved effective coverage of party building work in the business field.
            Yang Xi, secretary of the party branch of Huibo Medical, said that now, the party branch is becoming the "vanguard" leading the development of Huibo Medical, and party members have become the "main force" to overcome difficulties. Among the newly developed party members within the company, more than 80% are team leaders or technical backbones. This not only achieves the forging goal of "Party members are backbones, backbones are party members", but also achieves the effect of "Party building gathers talents and talents lead innovation".
            During the epidemic, Huibo Medical gave full play to the resource advantages of the “two new” organizations (new economic organizations and new social organizations), and responded quickly. All party members “hold the party flag and fight on the front line and brighten the party emblem as the vanguard” and stick to the vanguard position of party members. Under the leadership of the majority of party members and comrades, Huibo people have firm confidence, solid work, and commitment to ensure the supply of urgently needed anti-epidemic materials for medical units and the people.
    Strictly manage to prevent substandard products from entering the market
            The quality of anti-epidemic products is heavier than Mount Tai. Huibo Medical strictly controlled the quality of anti-epidemic masks and other anti-epidemic products from the beginning. In addition to technical excellence, Xianfeng, a party member of the Quality Department, also organizes all employees to study the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Product Quality Supervision and Management Regulations of Henan Province" to improve the quality and safety awareness of all employees.
            On the premise of strengthening the company's internal supervision and inspection work, the door was also opened to welcome market supervision and management departments at all levels to enter the company to carry out supervision and inspection work. To discover problems, rectify in time, and resolutely not let a substandard product flow to the market.
            Huibo Medical has also encountered product quality problems. In an inspection, 14,930 masks were found to be unqualified. This quality issue is highly valued by the company. The company's senior leaders, technology research and development center, quality management department, production management department, material purchasing department, sales department heads and related personnel immediately convened an emergency meeting to find the cause of the problem. At the same time, the 14,930 unqualified masks were immediately sealed and destroyed on July 21.
            In order to prevent the recurrence of quality problems, the company has introduced more stringent measures, and organized special meetings to train production management personnel and outer packaging personnel on job operating procedures, so as to achieve layer-by-layer check and supervision. The quality inspection department has increased its inspection efforts and insisted on implementing round-the-clock inspections on the production environment, inspection methods, product implementation standards, production process control and records, etc., to ensure product quality and safety. At the same time, it also regulates the labeling content of masks such as product names, implementation standards, and protective effects, which not only guides consumers to use the products correctly, but also welcomes consumers and the media to monitor product quality.
    Deeply cultivate the big health field and take the courage at the critical moment
            In the Huibo Medical Products Exhibition Hall, there are a dazzling array of anti-epidemic materials, medical dressings, intelligent rehabilitation equipment, medical textiles and other products. The staff of Huibo Medical said: "Our products always focus on the big health field, and always put people’s life safety and health in the first place. These products cover rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation supplies, rehabilitation nutrition, etc. The field is a high-tech product."
            On March 18, the Henan Working Group of the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council on the resumption of work and production investigation, and the first observation group of the party building and major project construction observation activities in Nanyang City on July 25, took the initiative to take the initiative to work overtime during the epidemic of Huibo Medical Increase the protection of the supply of epidemic prevention materials, and give high recognition to measures and actions such as epidemic prevention and control materials during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and resumption of school.
            On August 22, in the investigation of the party building work of the "two new" organizations organized by Henan Province, Liu Feng, the Organization Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, said: I am very pleased to see Huibo Medical take the initiative during the epidemic to protect people’s livelihood, employment, Stabilize finance, foreign trade, and investment. Actively perform social responsibilities. It is recommended that Huibo Medical apply for the establishment of a general party branch as soon as possible, further expand the team of party members, and deeply integrate the company's innovation and development with party building work, and strive to become a model for the party building work of the two new organizations.
    Do not forget the original intention to break new paths of innovation and development
            The development history of Huibo Medical is actually a history of innovation, struggle, and even dedication. In the development process, they do not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, and always adhere to the concept of “big enterprises must have great responsibilities”, serve the motherland, repay the society, pay attention to people’s livelihood, serve the people, and fully demonstrate their talents in creating value and contributing to society. Responsible, caring, and good corporate image.
            This is also the source of motivation for the development of Huibo Medical. Over the past year, Huibo Medical has faced various severe challenges brought about by the sudden epidemic. It has not waited for it, dared to be the first, worked hard, forged ahead, pursued excellence, broke a new path of innovation and development, and achieved pride. People’s new performance.
            In the first half of 2020, Huibo Medical achieved sales revenue of 330 million yuan, taxed more than 33 million yuan, and provided nearly 2,000 jobs, allowing local people to achieve high-paying employment at home; sales network covers most provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and products are exported to Germany , South Korea, Russia and more than 40 countries and regions, direct and indirect export sales totaled 180 million yuan.
            Huibo Medical has fulfilled its promises of "six guarantees" and "six stability" with practical actions, and achieved both material and spiritual civilizations. Today's Huibo Medical is full of people's hearts, cohesive, hardworking, and the role of party members is well played. Party members and league members are vying to be on the front line. Working overtime and dedication has become a beautiful landscape of Huibo Medical. Listening to the party and following the party have become personal ideological consciousness, and the attractiveness, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of the party branch have been significantly enhanced.
            The achievements of Huibo Medical benefit from the leadership of the party, the support of the government, the concern of the society, and the love of consumers and the news media. Zhu Tiangang, chairman of Huibo Medical, said that in the future, the company will continue to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of serving society, contributing to society, and benefiting society, build a century-old enterprise, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation .

            Recently, the "Development and Application of Functional Protective Masks" project undertaken by Huibo Medical has received special funding support from the "Technology Boosts Economy 2020". The project plans to develop 3 types of medical masks and 2 types of civil protective masks. After the project reaches full production, it can produce about 200 million masks of various models per year.

    Source: Dahe News

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