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         Zhu Tiangang, who comes from Nanyang City, Henan province, is a Registered Economic Consultant, Member of the Burning Trauma Branch of the Chinese Geriatrics Society, Member of the Standardization Working Committee of the China Medical Rescue Association, Vice President of the Henan Medical Device Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President of the Nanyang Overseas Chinese Merchants Association, Executive Vice Chairman of the Nanyang Youth League and Chairman of Huibo Medical.
         From 2012 to 2017, he served as deputy to the Fifth District people's Congress of Wancheng District; in 2013, he was appraised as "excellent private entrepreneur in Nanyang City" by Nanyang Municipal CPC Committee and Nanyang Municipal people's Government; in 2015, he was appraised as "Nanyang Labor Model" by Nanyang Municipal people's Government; in 2016, he was appraised as "Chinese Outstanding Innovation Entrepreneur" by China Productivity Society and Innovation Promotion Committee of China Productivity Society. In 2017, he was appraised as "the sixth top talent in Nanyang City" by Nanyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Nanyang Municipal people's Government and in 2018 he was elected deputy to the Nanyang Municipal people's Congress.

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